Шредер Комплексная Рециклинга машины: HNT-V | Перерабатывающие линии | Переработка оборудование для первичной обработки

Шредер Комплексная Рециклинга машины: HNT-V
Страна: Taiwan (Asia)
Телефон: 886-6-2730889
Факс: 886-6-2730887
Электронная почта: sales@polystarco.com
Контактное лицо: Jack
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● 10% less power consumption; 20% higher output; 100% pellets re-usability
● Fast and stable cutter compactor feeding control
● High efficient degassing connected with vacuum pump for environment protection
● Non-Stop dual channel piston filtration system
● Automation Die face pelletizing technology for uniform pellets producing
● Intelligent pressure detection and alarm control system
● Elegant industrial design
● High efficient output from 80~ 1200 kg/hrby simple operation
● Polystar Machinery is able to customize each section of machinery regarding to customer's need.

Polystar's high efficiency, one-step plastic recycling machine HNT-V is designed for the reprocessing of PE polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE) and PP polypropylene flexible packaging material, printed and non-printed. This cutter integrated pelletizing system eliminates the need of pre-cutting the material, requires less space and energy consumption while producing high quality plastic pellets at a productive rate.

The pellets produced by the recycling machine can be put directly back into the production line, in most cases for blown film or pipe extrusion processes.

1. Pellets from in-house, post-industrial recycling
On average, post-industrial waste makes up 5% or more of the entire production line, making in-house recycling very important nowadays as it can significantly reduce the cost of raw/virgin material purchasing. The plastic pellets produced from in-house waste are almost like-new and can be re-used for producing high quality plastic products once again.

2. Pellets from post-consumer recycling
The HNT-V is also designed to work with washed, post-consumer and used agricultural film. The cutter compactor, which generates frictional heat during the compacting process, helps to further dry and remove the water moisture from the washed film flakes (processed first by the washing lines). The recycled pellets can be used again in extrusion process, whether 100% (such as garbage bag, LDPE pipe production and etc) or as part of the mixture to reduce raw material cost. The pellets quality can also be improved by direct dosing of masterbatch and additives.

● Shape: Packaging film, bags, sheet, net, foam, tapes, PP Woven/Raffia, Plastic Regrind, flakes, granules, scraps, edge trimmed, washed film flakes

  • ● Высокая утилизация линия эффективность для постиндустриального упаковочной пленки
  • ● С измельчителем интегрированы который устраняет необходимость предварительно разрезать материал
  • ● Идеальное решение для переработки ПЭ, ПП пластиковые пленки / сумки / хлопья
  • ● Наиболее подходит для утилизации в доме чистой / мыть пленочные отходы
  • ● Long L / D соотношение винт за выдающиеся смешивания, стабильной экструзии, и высокой производительностью
  • ● Die лицо тип резки
  • ● Диаметр шнека доступны 65мм ~ 165мм
  • ● Выход доступны от 100 ~ 1000 кг / ч
Model HNT-65V HNT-85V HNT-100V HNT-120V
Output 80~120 kgs/hr 150~250 kgs/hr 250~400 kgs/hr 450~600 kgs/hr
2.8 ton/ day  6 ton/day 9.6  ton/day 14.4 ton/day
84 ton/month 180 ton/month 288 ton/month 432 ton/month
Screw diameter 65mm 85mm 100mm 120mm
Model HNT-150V HNT-165V HNT-180V
Output 700~800 kgs/hr 850~1000 kgs/hr 1000~1200 kgs/hr
19.2 ton/day 24 ton/day 28.8 ton/ day 
576 ton/month 720 ton/month 864 ton/month
Screw diameter 150mm 165mm 180mm