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Eterlong's Evolution from Blown Film Dies Technical Skill to Comprehensive Blown Film Machines

For over 50 years of manufacturing experience in Blown Film Dies, Eterlong is dedicated to upgrade and optimize the design constantly to meet the market trend and the ever-changing technology.

Outstanding Quality Blown Film Machine Gets a Vietnam-listed Company's Favor

One of the listed companies in Vietnam purchased three sets of blown film machine from Chyi Yang 20 years ago. Afterward, in response to enlarged scope of the company and to reduce the cost, they turned to import equipment from China with lower price. However, the quality of film produced from China machine did not meet Japanese customer’s standard and up to 20 freight containers of products were returned in one transaction.

CHAO WEI: Bottom Sealed Bag Making Machine with In-line Folding Unit

Fully automatic bottom sealing bag making machine with in-line 3-foldings unit folds bags twice along their length and once along their width, achieving speeds up to 80 bags/min. Features include precise length control with YASKAWA servo motors, dual touch screens, German-made SICK photocell for printing alignment, and automatic stoppage for jams, film depletion, temperature anomalies, or print misalignment.

SING SIANG Always at the Forefront of Bag Making Machines Technology

SING SIANG Machinery Co., Ltd. (SSM) is established in 1975 in Taiwan, specialized in all kinds of bag making machines, always provides customers with the most comprehensive technological service. Based on more than 30 years of design and manufacturing experience, SSM is capable of design machines with practical performance for the customer, at a reasonable and competitive price.

Meet Your Needs for Stable Thickness, High Productivity & Multilayer Quality with Chyi Yang Blown Film Machine

The global ESG trend is forming, and corporate sustainability will become a "standard" for businesses. As the European Union takes the lead in announcing the 2030 carbon reduction target, countries follow suit, and the plastic film industry is also contributing to the trend of sustainable development.

WORLD STEEL: Build Your Flexible Production Line

World Steel Machinery Company is located in Taichung City, Taiwan. With over 35 years of experience, we have the best engineering crew in the industry to provide total solutions which include design, customization and development. To meet customer needs, we are committed to developing new models and increasing product competitiveness.

YICHEEN: Multifunctional Slitting Machine – The Importance of Post-Processing in the Flexible (Plastic) Packaging Industry

Understanding the Principle of Operation To fully leverage post-processing equipment in the flexible (plastic) packaging industry, it is crucial to understand its working principles. The post-processing slitting machines in the flexible (plastic) packaging industry primarily deal with two main types of materials: 1. Plastic tape / 2. Plastic film.

Creating Business Opportunities with CLF's Customized Injection Molding Solutions

Deeply rooted in the Southeast Asian market, Chuan Lih Fa(CLF) – Taiwan's leading Injection Molding Machine manufacturer, known for high-tonnage and highly customized machines. In the following article, CLF will showcase their recent success stories and demonstrate how they integrate highly customized plastic injection technology into various industries, providing the best solutions for their customers.

How can high quality be produced consistently out of complex formulations?

The blown film market is evolving in an increasingly fast pace to meet the highly diversified, large-volume and variable material requirements of industries and emerging applications. Bag manufacturers and packaging material producers must use blown film machines with hardness, corrosion resistance, and durability to achieve consistently high yields while maintaining quality. More important goal is meeting the demands in film processing with complex characteristics such as those for agricultural films, cover films, laminated films, grain and dry food packaging, medical packaging and other critical packaging.

From Waste to Resource: Pioneering Plastic Recycling Microfactory

In Phoenix, city officials are collaborating with Arizona State University to develop a pioneering circular plastic recycling microfactory. This initiative aims to create a replicable model that can be implemented across the country and even internationally. The project is associated with Precious Plastic, a global effort originating in the Netherlands, which provides communities with guidance, physical blueprints, and business models to start grassroots plastic recycling programs.

Plastic Drums and Plastic Drum Machines: A Quick Guide

Blue HDPE plastic drums are very common containers in warehouses and transport facilities across the world. These sturdy and durable containers are not only cost-effective but also incredibly useful when it comes to the safe and secure storage and transport of many different industrial goods. Given their popularity, plastic drum-making machines are also in constant demand by customers who seek effective solutions for their industrial businesses.

Optimized Blown Film Technology: Keys to Sustainable Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is a necessity more than a trend, for both environmental and economic sustainability today. As one of the main carriers of packaging film production, blown film extrusion technology must keep evolving to meet the market requirements. POLYSTAR's blown film extruders are designed to be operationally stable and easy to use. Additionally, by optimizing extrusion screws and die heads, our machines empower manufacturers to adopt sustainable materials like recycled pellets, and CaCo3.  Let’s take a closer look into how POLYSTAR develops its blown film extrusion machine technology to better contribute to eco-friendly packaging!