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The Art of Precision: NAN YUN's Specialized Screws and Barrels for Machinery

Established in 1993, NAN YUN Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of essential components for injection molding machines, extruders, and related machinery in the plastic and rubber industry. With a dedicated engineering design team boasting exceptional theoretical knowledge and practical expertise, we specialize in the meticulous design and production of a comprehensive range of screws and barrels.

Discovering Latest TungYu Solutions at 2024 Rubber and Plastics Exhibition

As part of its corporate development strategy, we will participate in the Global Rubber and Plastics Exhibition in 2024. This international exhibition brings together top companies and experts from the global rubber and plastics industries. Participation in this exhibition will provide TungYu with a platform to showcase its latest technology and products, engage in exchanges and collaborations with peers from around the world, and further enhance the company's international influence.

Daisaku Co., Ltd. and POLYSTAR Collaborate to Lead Japan's Plastic Waste Recycling Industry

DAISAKU CO., LTD, located in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, is a leading enterprise in the plastic waste recycling industry. We have been collaborating with POLYSTAR since 2019 to enhance our plastic recycling business. Our partnership with POLYSTAR includes the purchase of their Repro-Flex 150 recycling machine to process various HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE packaging film/bale film/shrink film waste.

YICHEEN: The Importance of Label Die Cutting Machines

If you want to make the most out of your label converting machines, it is important that you understand how it works. There are two main types of label die-cutting machines for label converting : rotary and flatbed. The best way to learn more about label converting is by talking with experts who have experience designing specific applications. YICHEEN is one of the leading label die cutting machine manufacturers.

Creativity and packaging design: customized bottles to boost sales

Packaging design plays a pivotal role in marketing, and investing in customized bottles can yield substantial profits when the product hits the market. A designer tasked with creating containers for beverages, food, cosmetics, and personal care products must possess a standout skill: creativity. This holds true even for PET containers, encompassing all stages from the initial briefing to mass production.

JANDI'S: JIT now available with full auto carton package line

JANDI'S JIT introduces a fully automated T-shirt bag production line with carton packaging. This system integrates blown film, printing, bag-making, and recycling, ensuring swift and precise operation. Capable of producing over 25,000 T-shirt ji3bags per hour, it auto-packages in carton boxes, requiring only three operators. JANDI'S JIT combines efficiency, high output, and cost-effectiveness, making it ideal for optimal T-shirt bag production.

40th Techmation: Digital Low Carbon Dual Wheel Drive, Intelligent Manufacturing in the Future

2024 marks the 40th anniversary of Techmation. Over the past 40 years, Techmation has taken the first Chinese screen injection molding machine controller in Asia as the starting point, vertically breaking through technological barriers, horizontally expanding product applications, and steadily drawing an industrial application map with Techmation control system as the core.

POLYSTAR Pelletizers for Soft and Rigid Plastic Wastes - Which Granulating System Can Fit Your Demands Best?

Different plastic materials have their unique properties and are manufactured into many categories of products such as plastic films, food packaging, flexible plastic packaging, medical device components, etc. While recycling the plastic waste from particular materials, the plastic pelletizers chosen must be capable of processing your main waste stream, as well as flexible enough to process your side plastic waste.


Nowadays, for HDPE shopping bags, T-shirt bags & food packaging bags, it’s very popular to blend recycled material & calcium carbonate (CACO3). Especially CACO3, it can cut down your resin cost, increase capacity & make your film products heavier. Although CACO3 provides so many advantages, it changes the feature of HDPE film. HDPE film will be reduced in tensile strength after blending CACO3, so that HDPE film won’t pack heavy subjects. Besides, CACO3 will make HDPE film feels dusty.


High Density Polyethylene Resin, briefly, HDPE film grade resin mainly designed for producing shopping bags, T-shirt bags, grocery bags, garbage bags, food packaging and many so on.


Chyi Yang showed one set “Two Stripes & Two dies Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine” in Andina-Pack 2015 Colombia exhibition. This machine is equipped with two dies & two extruders to produce two stripes T-shirt bags for market using. The two 45mm extruders provide two dies to have 2-line film rolls at one time. Forced feeding extruders offer you bigger capacity, the max. capacity is 140kgs/hr. for 550mm film width at 20micron film thickness. You can get max. 70kgs/hr. from each winder, and max. 140kgs/hr. from two winders.


The process to produce the film is similar to blowing bubbles. The blown film machine virtually replicates the blowing process on its tower-like production line except it uses polymers (plastic materials) to replace soap water and nip the continuously blown bubble into an extremely thin film. The tower structure ranges several stages high. After the film is formed, it is wound into rolls and later distributed for final applications. As one of the leading blown film extrusion machine manufacturers with over 50-year-experience in Taiwan, now CHYI YANG is going to break down the process into details and discuss how blown film extrusion works.