The double side inspection rewinding machine is designed print roll inspection. This model is able to inspect both sides of the material simultaneously to ensure the best quality in the minimum time.
The SLIT-HSC series slitter is new compact type to save the working space. From the unwind side, the web is guided middle to the main machine, easy access to the slitting section and eliminates dust collection/hazarded steps. The slitter comes standard with razor cutters and groove roller configuration. A shear cutter system is offered as option for paper and other pressure sensitive materials. The machine uses three AC Vector Drives and has automatic tension on unwind and rewind controlled through easy-to-use PLC & MNI touch screen. Friction rings are used on rewind shafts to ensure the production of quality slit rolls when the film thickness varies.
Chuan Lih Fa Injection Molding Machine at steady development of injection molding fields. With strict standards of the quality and the clamping force of the machines, combining high-tech European and Japanese microcomputer controllers, our electric injection molding machine adopts German Siemens controlling system as well as servo motors. The innovative structural design makes Chuan Lih Fa a leader in this industry.
FEATURES: 1.Vertical mold clamping and injection, small footprint, and high degree of precision. Our Vertical Injection Moulding Machine is ideal for the injection of medium and small products with inclusions. 2. Direct-pressure mold clamp allows even injection force, and the relatively low pressure means maximum precision and an incredibly smooth cycle of operation. 3.KT-300 Vertical Plastic Injection Molding Machine offers a wide range of programmable functions including automatic inclusion, extraction, and fully-automatic production. 4. Dual-cylinder injection system offers high injecting pressure for fast operation, making this injection machine your best choice for the production of thin items. 5. Choose a platen or a rotary plate in accordance with the type of products to be injected, in order to achieve the best possible in feed and injection effects. 6. There are also many other control systems that facilitate flexible production and keep costs low while maximizing precision.
HCI’s newly launched FSL-TR1300 turret rewind slitting machine is designed for automatic slitting and rewinding operations, with automatic splicing and roll changing, stand-by paper core auto positioning, finished roll pusher and unloading device to increase productivity and reduce the operation down time. The HMI operating system equipped with a color touch screen provides easy-to-learn operations and memory of operating parameters, which makes the product quality stable.
ISOTHANE® G Series Biorenewable TPU Resins are high performance environment-friendly TPU based on renewable materials with various bio-based content. They exhibit excellent transparency, mechanical properties, abrasive resistance and solvent resistance. ISOTHANE® G series can be processed by extrusion and/or injection molding. #Bio TPU #Bio-based material #recyclable material #Use recycled raw materials #environment #ESG
Webcontrol develops innovative solventless laminators with driven coating system and automatic turret unwind & rewind for high efficiency, consistent tension & minimum waste during roll changes.
Alfa Industrial soul thought - professional quality, put product quality in the first place. Whether it is the procurement of parts in the early stage or the final machine inspection, Alfa Industrial strictly monitors every link, every process and every detail to ensure the stability and performance of each machine.
YICHEEN is a professional equipment supplier that specializes in soft-material cutting technology, including die cutting, sheet cutting, slitting and laminating. Since 1979 we have been supplying soft material cutting machinery. This has now transformed into state of the art high-precision customized cutting equipment, which meets worldwide standards and guidelines.
【New generation high speed PP/HDPE raffia tape extrusion plant - GV series (Green Veloz)】 / Raffia Tape Extrusion Line/Plant Features - (HY7/SP-80GV) / ⚡️Suitable for making 100% recycle PP/HDPE materials ⚡️Finish products complies with the requirement of GRS(Global Recycled Standard). ⚡️Meet the requirements of companies interested in selling their products to ESG approved companies. ⚡️Rapid color changing.
Founded in 1989, the GMA Machinery Enterprise Co., Ltd. (GMA), an R&D team composed of senior design engineers and technicians with decade’s strong experience in sheet and film extrusion equipment and auxiliary parts, has been devoted to providing custom products based on customer requirements. With 30 years of continuous efforts, it is the one of the best manufacturer in the world. Based on comprehensive processing equipment, GMA is able to exercise strict quality control throughout the whole in-house process from product design, manufacturing, assembling and inspection which, in turn, has earned customers’ continuous recognition and praise.
The latest innovation of Three Layer Blown Film Machine is featured with 3 in 1 Gap Winder that combines Surface Type, Contact Drive Type and Gap Winding. We are pleased to invite Kung Hsing Machinery to share the insight of the Blow Film Industry with us, which includes application, ESG and the effect of geopolitic to the economy.