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FIMIC SRL: Leading plastics recycling towards a circular economy
For a long time, our economy has been dominated by a linear approach under which raw materials are manufactured, processed, used once, and thrown away. But the future calls for a circular economy in which we reuse our products and recycle them efficiently at the end of their life. And that holds true for plastic as well. This is not a new topic, but it is one that has been gaining ground in recent years.
Exploring Recyclable Solutions and Sustainable Practices in the Plastic and Rubber Industries for Eco-Friendly Impac
In an era defined by a heightened awareness of environmental sustainability, industries worldwide are undergoing a paradigm shift towards more eco-conscious practices. This profound transformation is catalyzed by a collective understanding of the urgent need to address the ecological impact of industrial operations. Among the vanguard of this global movement, the plastic and rubber industries emerge as pivotal players. Their prominence in the landscape of global production underscores the significance of their role in this transformative endeavor. With an acute cognizance of their responsibilities, these industries are embracing recyclable solutions and pioneering sustainable practices to curtail their environmental footprint.
What Are The Advantages And Challenges of Vietnam’s Plastic And Rubber Industry From The Perspective of Foreigners?
After decades of development and rapid economic growth, Vietnam has established itself as one of the unignorable regional economic powerhouses, with an astonishing rising consumption for goods matching the rapid growth, making Vietnam the one of largest economic entities and markets in Southeast Asia. What are the advantages of Vietnam, making it so accretive to foreign investors and international buyers, and what are the potential challenges Vietnam will face in the present and in the future?
The Ongoing Global Trend of Sustainability, And Why Should Vietnam Take Action?
In recent years, the effect of global warming and environmental issues has significantly shown and devastated some countries and regions, Vietnam is no stranger to the effect of increasing natural disasters, where the frequency of cases of typhoons, tropical storms, floods, drought, saltwater intrusion, landslides, and forest fires have exponentially grown. Thus, to ease or slow down the rate of natural disasters, the plastic and rubber industry in Vietnam must catch up with the global trend of sustainable development.
The PIDC Take The Leads In Green Innovation and Assists Industries Improve Competitiveness By Achieving Sustainable Production
Plastics Industry Development Center (PIDC) was established and funded by the government and plastics industries in 1993. PIDC has been providing a wide range of services and assistance such as technology R&D, product verification, sustainability management counseling, talent training, etc.​ Our mission is to promote a more secure, sustainable, and high-value-added plastics industry.​
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VietnamPrintPack 2023 will take place from 27-30/9 to propel innovation in the printing & packaging industry
Vietnam's economy has experienced remarkable growth, driving increased consumption and production within the country. This expansion has led to a growing demand for printing and packaging services. However, one significant challenge facing the industry is the shortage of suppliers providing high-quality products.
Elastomers World Summits 2023 set to feature leading industry experts
The "home" of the global elastomers industry will take place on 28-29 November in Amsterdam Both Thermoplastic Elastomers and Silicone Elastomers World Summit bring together manufacturers, processors, end-users, designers and researchers for a summit-style technical discussion of silicone and TPE elastomer materials, global markets, processing advancements and novel applications. Taking place on 28-29th November 2023, these co-located events will provide exclusive insights on the market.  
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B2B 商務平台如何拓銷全球,獲利亮眼?
B2B 商務平台在過去十年中,對台灣傳統產業來說越來越重要,許多企業都會將公司產品與資訊曝光在 B2B 商務平台,如今全球 B2B 商務平台的數量已不勝枚舉。
Challenges and opportunities in the evolving landscape of plastics in Southeast Asia
T-PLAS 2023 | 20-23 Sep @ BITEC, Bangkok - Special zone on ‘Recycling Solutions’ will feature innovative machinery to high-tech solutions Plastics are omnipresent in nearly all sectors of our living environment today and presents a complex and dynamic landscape of challenges and opportunities. With the increasing demand for plastic products and packaging, coupled with the urgent need for sustainable solutions, this has led to a renewed focus on recycling and the adoption of biodegradable alternatives. While these changes have sparked innovation, they have also brought about new challenges, such as the need for advanced processing and sorting technologies, the development of new materials, and the establishment of efficient recycling infrastructures. Navigating these challenges requires a multidimensional approach that involves collaboration across the value chain. Policymakers, industry leaders, and consumers must work together to establish clear guidelines and promote responsible production, use, and disposal of plastic materials. Companies must also invest in new technologies and research to develop new materials and improve the efficiency of the recycling process. Amidst these challenges, there are also opportunities for growth and innovation. Companies that can adapt to the changing landscape and develop sustainable solutions that meet consumer demands and regulatory requirements will be well-positioned for success. T-PLAS 2023 brings this front and centre with the introduction of a special focus zone - Recycling Solutions.