Full Electric Co-EBM with visi strip (4 head double station) | CM-90.55FVH2D | Chia Ming


Video Description

Full Electric Co-Extrusion Blow Molding Machine - Continue extrusion with horizontal movement and toggle clamping. Fully automatic and highly efficient production.
Why Go Full-Electric?
► Energy savings 20%~70%
► Precise and more efficiency
► No hydraulic, less noise, no oil leakage 
► Easy maintenance
/ Key Features /
★ All-electrics (Fully servo motor driven)
★ Servo Drive Die Head Nodding System
★ Full Electric Parison Control System
★ Crank Type Servo Drive Carriage Movement
★ Visi Strip function
★ Auto deflashing device
★ Backhoff, Germany and Keyence, Japan control system
/ Other Features /
★ Equipped with robot arm (2D Gripper)
★ Post cooling
★ Auto loading system
★ Residue conveyor to crusher
★ Built by standard components, i.e. Beckhoff, Festo, SMC, Toshiba, Tokimec, Schneider, ABB, Omron,  ensuring straightforward maintenance at lower cost and global spare parts availability
/ Optional equipment or function/ 
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/ Application/ 
Jerrycan/ Food packaging/ drinks/ detergents/ reagents/ cosmetics/ medicines/ engine oil bottles/ lubricants/ jars/ home products/ car parts/ decoration parts...